X-Ray Tech – Part Time (Davie)

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Job Description

Exceptional healthcare begins with an outstanding team. At EliteHealth, we’re committed to providing high quality, individualized medical care, utilizing innovative technologies and groundbreaking techniques. Our staff is uniquely equipped to provide world-class care to our patients in state-of-the-art facilities, outfitted with the latest in diagnostic and preventative tools
We’re looking for a Part- time X-Ray Technician to join our team in Davie, FL

Job Duties include but not limited to the following tasks, they are:

  • Use collimation and patient-shielding techniques to minimize radiation exposure to patient and staff.
  • Position x-ray equipment and adjust controls to set exposure factors, such as time, distance and kvp
  • Position patient on examining table and set up and adjust equipment to obtain optimum view of specific body area as requested by physician.
  • Explain procedures to patients to reduce anxieties and obtain cooperation.
  • Determine patients’ x-ray needs by reading requests or instructions from physicians.
  • Prepare and set up x-ray room for patient.
  • Process exposed radiographs using computer generated methods.
  • Make exposures necessary for the requested procedures, rejecting and repeating work that does not meet established standards.
  • Set up sleep study watch PAT device prior to patient appointment. Assist patient with instructions on how to use the device at home.
  • Create reports for sleep study and 24 holter exams and attach to medical records.
  • Ensure all x-ray reports are attached to patient medical records at the end of the day.
  • Complete all billing exams at the of the day.

Tools used in this occupation:
Medical radiological positioning aids for general radiological use
Medical x ray equipment – Automatic x ray film processors; Self-contained film processors; Tabletop film processors; X ray film processors
Medical x ray film archiving system software – Image storage systems; Picture archiving and communication systems PACS; Scan converters

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