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Gain access to deep insights into your health using cutting-edge medical testing like Cancer Markers, Cardiometabolic Advanced Lipids, Micronutrient and Telomere Testing.


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Advanced Therapies

Specialty Testing

Micronutrient Analysis

This comprehensive nutritional screening can reveal critical deficiencies that may be compromising your immune system, allowing for efficient correction and treatment of a wide range of chronic conditions.

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Telomere Testing

Most of us think of age as merely a number, but our cells can tell a different story. Discover your body’s own unique aging process at the most fundamental level, and what you can do to ensure you protect and preserve your health.

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Cancer Marker Testing

The most advance cancer surveillance system available. This is the best tool for people who are concerned about their overall health and want to be proactive in their approach to cancer.

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Food Allergy Test

Common food and chemical intolerances can cause a world of discomfort for those suffering from sensitivities. This quick and easy diagnostic test can provide you with the knowledge to protect yourself from irritant foods.

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