Telehealth Program FAQs

1What is EliteHealth 1-800MD?
EliteHealth 1-800MD is an industry-leading Telehealth company backed by a national network of board-certified, credentialed physicians throughout the United States. EliteHealth 1.800MD physicians diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment plans and prescribe medications, when deemed appropriate, for its members over the telephone or via secure video conferencing and email.
2How does EliteHealth 1-800MD improve quality of care?
Immediate access to medical attention can often resolve problems that, if left untreated, could eventually result in hospitalization. EliteHealth 1-800MD provides convenient, affordable access to healthcare, anytime and anywhere! EliteHealth 1-800MD provides 24/7/365 access to a physician without ever having to leave your home or office. No waiting for office visits! And, prescriptions, if needed and appropriate, are sent to the local pharmacy of your choice.
3How does EliteHealth 1-800MD reduce health care costs?
EliteHealth 1-800MD reduces unnecessary doctor’s office and emergency room visits and allow members alternatives to visiting their primary care physician for purely informational and other basic reasons. Data shows that up to 70% of all doctor visits may be superfluous, costing billions of dollars Instead, these can be handled with an EliteHealth 1-800MD telephone or video consultation.
4What about the doctors?
EliteHealth 1-800MD uses a third-party credentialing agency to ensure that only the best providers are servicing our clients. The credentialing process is comprehensive and includes license verification, reference checks, and background checks. In fact, the process is fully in accordance with the American Association of Preferred Provider Organization (AAPPO) standards and is the same criteria used by hospitals to grant privileges.
5Is there a minimum age requirement?
No, there is not a minimum age to consult with an EliteHealth 1-800MD physician. However, the physician’s ability to provide information or diagnose and treat is dependent on the nature of the symptoms and the patient’s ability to communicate his/her condition to the doctor.
6I have a pre-existing condition. Will EliteHealth 1-800MD still accept me?
Absolutely! EliteHealth 1-800MD is not insurance. We do not deny access to quality care because of pre-existing conditions.
7Can I get a consultation after hours or on weekends?
Yes. EliteHealth 1-800MD services are available 24/7/365 throughout the United States. The physician will call the patient on the number that was provided within one hour.
8Are there any restrictions on how many times I can use EliteHealth 1-800MD?
No. As a member, you have access to unlimited telephone consults anywhere, anytime.
9Are there any limitations as to what can be prescribed?
An EliteHealth 1-800MD physician has the ability (if medically appropriate) to prescribe a wide range of products. These include, but are not limited to, medications such as antibiotics and antihistamines. Our physicians do not prescribe medications regulated by the Drug EnforcementAgency or those that pose a potential for abuse or addiction. Also, EliteHealth 1-800MD physicians do not prescribe lifestyle drugs.
10How are prescriptions filled?
If after consult with the physician, he/she determines that a prescription medication is indicated as part of your treatment, the doctor will electronically send the prescription to a local pharmacy of your choice.
11Is video conferencing available?
Yes. The physician will schedule a convenient time, generally within one hour to conduct the video consultation. Note, you must have a web camera and high-speed internet access to participate in a video consultation. Based on the presenting complaint or possibly state regulations, video consultations, when necessary, are suggested and initiated by the EliteHealth 1-800MD physician.
12Are phone consultations allowed without an online Personal Medical History?
No. All active family members MUST complete a Personal Medical History form prior to receiving the first consultation.
13Do I need to pay a co-payment for telemedicine consults?
No. All your Telemedicine consults as well as your family unit’s Telemedicine consults are included and do not require a co-payment.