We’re all about YOU

We’re all
about YOU

It's time to choose your Primary Care Physician

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our lives.

This year, choosing the right doctor might be the most important decision you have made in your life.

EliteHealth COVID-19 Center of Excellence

When it comes to COVID-19, seniors are particularly vulnerable to severe illness. Research is showing that adults 60 and older, especially those with preexisting medical conditions, especially heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or cancer are more likely to have severe — even deadly — coronavirus infection than other age groups.

During my thirty years of practicing medicine I have never seen such a dangerous situation. I saw the need to create a best-in-class solution to keep our seniors safe. I developed a COVID-19 Center of Excellence under the advice of Kenneth Razan, Harvard-trained infectious disease expert

Steven Schnur, M.D.

Cardiologist. COVID-19 Expert

EliteHealth provides leadership, best practices, COVID-19 trained staff and in-house expedited free testing* for our Senior Program Members

You deserve the best

Become part of a community of care unlike any other

At Home

Medical Visits

We are always there when you need it most. Our medical practitioners will visit you at home offering compassionate patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality and service.

Expedited In-house COVID-19 Testing

Get results in under 15 minutes.

Get tested in the comfort of your EliteHealth office.
No lines, no wait and more importantly no testing facility exposure.

Available to all our Senior Members*

Onsite Diagnostics

Major medical services all under one roof.

EliteHealth is one of the only healthcare providers to offer major medical services, diagnostic testing, and an array of preventative screenings all under one roof.

Take comfort in the ease and convenience of having access to all of our resources

Medical Televisits

The same superior care delivered via your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone in the comfort of your home.

Stay safe and healthy

Pharmacy Services

In-house Pharmacy


Our prescription home delivery increases adherence and compliance.*

*Available in Dade & Broward Counties


Keeping track of your medications can be difficult, especially when you are supposed to take several different types on a daily basis. The more medications you need, the more difficult it can become to keep them organized, remembering how much, when, and how often to take them. Blister packaging is a service in which prescriptions are heat- sealed between a cardboard backing and a plastic bubble sheet.

Blister packaging benefits include:

Better compliance • Convenience • Safety

Personal Healthcare Advocate

Dedicated staff to make your life easier.

Scheduling of tests, appointments and referrals. Available 24/7, 365.
Like an extension of your family

Digital Community Wellness Centers

We found a way to stay together even when we are apart.

Exercise classes specially designed for seniors, doctor talks, informative workshops, games and coffee with friends.
All via ZOOM in the comfort of your home

Social Services

We are there when you need it most

“I am here to help you navigate the system and make the most out of your benefits.”


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Social Services Specialist

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